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The main view.

Info: "Poket" internet links database

Some features:

Synchronization (merge) with others Linksbase data files (like home and work).
Four sections database: links, email, programs and contacts.
Cipher ability with passord for protected database (proprietary alghorithm).
Incremental backup of database (selectable).
Import/Export from various browsers bookmarks.
Import from Text or HTML files.
Import current open browsers pages.
Export full/partial data in Excel, Word, XML, Text, HTML and Linksbase (protected or not).
Links capture from clipboard contents.
On-Line validation for database links.
Search for duplicates in database.
Drag & Drop support from/to browser and desktop.
Internal Trash management.
Fast access via Tray Bar for links execution.
Skin Support! Simple and customizable.
Internal browser preview for fast link selection.

Languages: English, Italian.

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